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Wiek 42
Miasto Warszawa (woj. Mazowieckie)
Gatunek Covers, Weselna, Acoustic
Instrument Gitara
Sprzęt I have my own transport. I have all the required guitar types, loud power amps as well as the ability to have silent stage with in ear monitors. Im ready for any type of concert.
Im looking for a working band who play functions and weddings. Any types of duets or alternative style, can be acoustic/rock/pop/folk/metal/ (any genre). I am a qualified and experienced live audio engineer as well as an experienced photographer. I've worked in various bands back home in Scotland. I have the experience of performing multiple nights in a row while travelling and being away from home. I speak a little Polish.


ID #6054 | 4 grudnia 2023

Michael (gitarzysta, lat 42) szuka zespołu

Hi, Im looking for a band of any genre, Acoustic duos? Funk? Brutal breakdowns? Folk? I will play any type music if its good. I have a lot of stage and recording experience. I can play lead...

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