European Bass Player

Kategoria Muzyk
Wiek 50
Miasto Gniezno (woj. Wielkopolskie)
Gatunek Rock & Roll, Elektroniczna, Rock Progresywny
Instrument Bas
Sprzęt Carvin IP6P (6 string), Starfire (6 string), BC Rich 'Mockingbird' (4 string fretless), Fender Precision (4 string), 4 string double bass (with German style bow). Amps: Ampeg Portaflex B-18 (1960), Hartke 3500 with Hartke 6x10 speakers. Various effects/MIDI including: Alesis, ART, MXR, Boss, Source Audio, Sonuus, TC Electronics, Watkins Copicat 'Super IC' (1977), Behringer, E-mu Proteus World, M-Audio, Korg M1, Ensoniq TS-10. For recording I use Focusrite, Logic Pro (since 2007), Studio One, Native Instruments & Blue Microphones & AKG headphones.
Begun music studies in early years under supervision of my father. When growing up as a kid, huge influence on my musical imagination had Peter Gabriel, 'Pink Floyd', 'The Moody Blues', 'Alan Parsons Project'. Teenage years I've spent studying classical guitar. ♪ After arriving in the U.S.A ('87) I continued my music performance studies @ Music School of Roosevelt University in Chicago (Jazz & Electronic Composition). In late 1980's tested music software ('MasterTracks Pro', 'Encore' & 'Music Time' by Passport). Beta tested M.O.TU. MIDI Time Express II. Also, while in Chicago performed in various groups playing Blues (with legendary Ty Hanson - drummer from B.B.King), Jazz, and Rock & Roll. In 1991 performed at 'Festival Polonaise' in Chicago's Grand Park with Waldemar Kocoń. At that time recorded album with "Ena Boy". Song from that album was featured as a soundtrack in a movie titled "Restless Hearts". ♪ ♪ After moving to California I joined Rock band "Castles In Spain" (1995-2000) with whom performed throughout California & Las Vegas, including 'Monterey Pop Festival'. Released 1 album with "Castles In Spain" (self titled). During that time performed with 'CIS' drummer, with Perry Farrell from 'Jane's Addiction in San Francisco. Played with San Francisco's Surf Rock band "The Torpedoes". Also I was an original member of Progressive Art Rock band - "RELIC" (2001-2004) with whom released 2 albums (engineered 'Relic', 'Only Dreams') and performed throughout California. From 2007 until 2012 played bass with "Liquid Skies" with whom released debut album 'Love Kills Love'. ♪ ♪ ♪ Also I worked as an Instructor & Sound Engineer with legendary producer Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix) @ California Recording Institute in San Francisco. Recorded & performed numerous times @ Xpressions. Performed at music festivals including: "Chicago Blues Festival", "Monterey Pop", "Nowhere By Nowhere", "E.A.T.M.", "Woodstock", "Las, Woda & Blues", "Meskalina Blues Festival".


ID #762 | 24 marca 2019

European Bass Player (basista, lat 50) szuka zespołu

Posiadam wieloletnie doświadczenie nabyte w USA, nagrane tam płyty, koncerty, festiwale, itd. Wykładałem także Realizację Nagrań w California Recording Institute w San Francisco. Poszukuję zespołu do poważnej...

  • Rock & Roll
  • Elektroniczna
  • Rock Progresywny